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Refrigerator storage facilities is the new service provided by “Georgian ExpressTrans” company ...
Storage Facilities


"Georgian ExpressTrans" company offers customers different type storage services.

Customers have ability of reliable and safe storage at "Georgian ExpressTrans" company storage facilities during the mutually agreed period with appropriate temperature conditions for each kind of the freight.


"Georgian ExpressTrans" storage facilities include:

dry storages; 



Dry storage. 

Dry storages can provide storage of any kind of food and non foodstuffs. Storages provide any conditions to preserve freights safety and fitness.
"Georgian ExpressTrans" based on the customers’ requirements provides them with freights transportation (transportation to and from the storages) services.

Dry storage total area is 2000 m2.



Total capacity 3000 tons.

Total area 2000 m2.

Refrigerator is equipped with international standard temperature conditions system (0°C  + - 40°C) and includes:

  • open customs storage;
  • commercial storage; 


Open storage. 

Modern standard open storage provides appropriate temperature conditions for international freights.

Frozen foodstuff (fish, chicken, meat and etc.) as well as groceries and fruits are stored in open customs storages.


Open storages include two sections with 504 m2 total area.

Temperature conditions: 0°C  - 40°C

Commercial storages.

Commercial storages include three sections.

Customers can store groceries, fruits and other frozen production in commercial storages at appropriate temperature conditions.

temp.jpgTemperature conditions: 0°C + - 40°C

Each section is 144 m2.


Address of "Georgian ExpressTrans"  refrigerator storage facilities:

Tbilisi, Ponichala. 

Phone: +995(32) 43 83 03

E-mail: gef26@ge-trans.com

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